Digital Tutors: Creative Development - Game Character Creation in 3ds Max and ZBrush

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Digital Tutors: Creative Development - Game Character Creation in 3ds Max and ZBrushEnglish | Team: N/A | .flv | 3.69 GBGenre: Video TrainingIn this tutorial we will learn how to create a highly detailed game character. Throughout these lessons we will look at the steps required to build a game character from scratch. We will start by using ZBrush to create a 3D sketch based on our character’s concept art. Along the way we will use 3ds Max to lay out our UVs and create our texture maps. By the end of this tutorial you will have a solid understand of the workflows that are required to create a highly detailed game character.Lesson 1 Introduction and project overview 00:43Lesson 2 Defining the main shape with DynaMesh 20:37Lesson 3 Continuing to shape our character 08:36Lesson 4 Building our character's legs 13:56Lesson 5 Starting to make the clothes in 3ds Max 20:39Lesson 6 Exporting our character from 3ds Max to ZBrush 04:20Lesson 7 Making new elements for our model 14:02Lesson 8 Continuing to refine the base elements 07:16Lesson 9 Using Transpose Master to rotate the arm 14:11Lesson 10 Separating the armor from the arm 05:14Lesson 11 Making the refined high poly armor 08:22Lesson 12 Continuing to make a high poly version of the armor 05:36Lesson 13 Adding detail to the armor 07:48Lesson 14 Building in more armor detail in 3ds Max 02:45Lesson 15 Starting to detail the head in ZBrush 06:55Lesson 16 Continuing to refine the head 02:36Lesson 17 Adding more detail to the head 01:55Lesson 18 Rotating the head and sketching the hair 07:00Lesson 19 Sending the bracelet mesh to 3ds Max 05:25Lesson 20 Starting to retopologize the arm plate 06:49Lesson 21 Beginning to tweak the arm plate shape 07:31Lesson 22 Continuing to refine the shape of our character's arm plate 06:04Lesson 23 Starting to tweak the clothes 08:31Lesson 24 Adding some other cloth elements 12:29Lesson 25 Creating a rope in 3ds Max 11:40Lesson 26 Modeling a belt strap for our character 03:52Lesson 27 Refining the belt buckle 07:48Lesson 28 Continuing to refine the belt buckle 06:28Lesson 29 Adding details to the clothes 08:19Lesson 30 Building in some details to the metal armor 14:26Lesson 31 Continuing to add details to the metal armor 04:53Lesson 32 Defining the arm shape 23:12Lesson 33 Adding a piece of armor on the arms 08:31Lesson 34 Redefining the armor in ZBrush 03:35Lesson 35 Continuing to tweak the shape of the armor 09:24Lesson 36 Adding some details to our high polygon model in ZBrush 01:33Lesson 37 Adding scratches and imperfections to the armor 15:57Lesson 38 Creating imperfections on our character's face 05:59Lesson 39 Sending the high poly mesh to 3ds Max 15:41Lesson 40 Working on our final low polygon mesh 14:05Lesson 41 Modeling the final arm mesh 03:59Lesson 42 Starting to model the low polygon clothes 09:27Lesson 43 Finishing our character's clothes 03:13Lesson 44 Creating UV maps for the torso 08:10Lesson 45 Continuing to unwrap the UVs for our character 05:37Download Links(Premium Recommend All Links Below)------------------------------------------