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Early Church Fathers eBooks CollectionEnglish | .PDF | 1.98 GBThe Early Church Fathers were early and influential theologians, eminent Christian teachers and great bishops. Their scholarly works were used as a precedent for centuries to come. The term is used of writers and teachers of the Church, not necessarily \"saints\", though most are honored as saints in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Anglican Churches, as well as in some other Christian groups and are generally recognized as Church Fathers.Apostolic Fathers: The earliest Church Fathers, (within two generations of the Twelve apostles of Christ) are usually called the Apostolic Fathers since they were taught directly by the twelve. Important Apostolic Fathers include: Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp of Smyrna.Greek Fathers: Those who wrote in Greek are called the Greek (Church) Fathers. Important Greek Fathers include: Clement of Rome, Irenaeus of Lyons, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Athanasius of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria, the Cappadocian Fathers (Basil of Caesarea, Gregory Nazianzus, Peter of Sebaste, Gregory of Nyssa), Maximus the Confessor, and John of Damascus.Latin Fathers: Those fathers who wrote in Latin are called the Latin (Church) Fathers. Important Latin Fathers include: Tertullian, Cyprian of Carthage, Hilary of Poitiers, Ambrose of Milan, Jerome of Stridonium, Augustine of Hippo, Gregory the Great, and Isidore of Seville.A PDF collection of 242 eBooks about the Early Church Fathers. eBooks are sorted on publisher's name.Abingdon Press Kyrios Christos, A History of the Belief in Christ from the Beginnings of Christianity to Irenaeus (1970).pdfAshgate Publishing Catholicity and Heresy in the Early Church (2009).pdfAshgate Publishing Doctrine and Philosophy in Early Christianity, Arius Athanasius Augustine (2000) (no OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Evagrius and Gregory, Mind Soul and Body in the 4th Century (2009).pdfAshgate Publishing From Clement to Origen, The Social and Historical Context of the Church Fathers (2006).pdfAshgate Publishing Jerome of Stridon, His Life Writings and Legacy (2009).pdfAshgate Publishing Origen Against Plato (2002) (no OCR).pdfBennett and Bloom Publishing Maximus the Confessor and Georgia (2009) (no OCR).pdfBlackwell Publishing Augustine (2005).pdfBlackwell Publishing Divine Illumination, The History and Future of Augustine's Theory of Knowledge (2011).pdfBoydell Press Aelfric's Life of Saint Basil the Great, Background and Context (2006).pdfBrill Publishing Angelomorphic Pneumatology, Clement of Alexandria and Other Early Christian Witnesses (2009).pdfBrill Publishing Augustine's Confessions, Communicative Purpose and Audience (2004).pdfBrill Publishing Clement of Alexandria on Trial, The Evidence of Heresy from Photius' Bibliotheca (2010).pdfBrill Publishing Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and City (2004).pdfBrill Publishing Dictionary of Gregory of Nyssa (2010).pdfBrill Publishing Encounters with Hellenism, Studies on the First Letter of Clement (2004).pdfBrill Publishing Esoteric Teaching in the Stromateis of Clement of Alexandria (2009).pdfBrill Publishing Establishing Boundaries, Christian-Jewish Relations in Early Council Texts and the Writings of Church Fathers (2010).pdfBrill Publishing Evil, Freedom and the Road to Perfection in Clement of Alexandria (1999).pdfBrill Publishing Gregory of Nyssa, Contra Eunomium II (2007).pdfBrill Publishing Gregory of Nyssa, The Letters (2007).pdfBrill Publishing Gregory of Nyssa, The Minor Treatises on Trinitarian Theology and Apollinarism (2011).pdfBrill Publishing Handbook of Patristic Exegesis, The Bible in Ancient Christianity (2 Vols) (2004).pdfBrill Publishing In Search of Truth, Augustine Manichaeism and Other Gnosticism (2011).pdfBrill Publishing Irenaeus on Creation, The Cosmic Christ and the Saga of Redemption (2008).pdfBrill Publishing Jerome's Hebrew Philology, A Study Based on his Commentary on Jeremiah (2007).pdfBrill Publishing Origen, Cosmology and Ontology of Time (2006) (Scan, OCR).pdfBrill Publishing Origen, Philosophy of History and Eschatology (2007).pdfBrill Publishing St. Cyril of Alexandria the Christological Controversy, Its History Theology and Texts (1994) (no OCR).pdfBrill Publishing The Dyophysite Christology of Cyril of Alexandria (2009).pdfBrill Publishing The Imperial Cult and the Development of Church Order, Concepts and Images of Authority in Paganism and Early Christianity (1999).pdfBrill Publishing The Trinitarian Theology of Hilary of Poitiers (2007).pdfBrill Publishing Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on Daniel (2006).pdfBrill Publishing Trinity and Man, Gregory of Nyssa's Ad Ablabium (2007).pdfBrill Publishing What Did Ezekiel See, Christian Exegesis of Ezekiel's Vision of the Chariot from Irenaeus to Gregory the Great (2005).pdfBrill Publishing Words Imagery and the Mystery of Christ, A Reconstruction of Cyril of Alexandria's Christology (2000).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine and the Trinity (2010).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine's Inner Dialogue, The Philosophical Soliloquy in Late Antiquity (2010).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine's Intellectual Conversion, The Journey from Platonism to Christianity (2009).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine, Ancient Thought Baptized (1994).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine, On the Free Choice of the Will On Grace and Free Choice (2010).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine, On the Trinity Books 8-15 (2002).pdfCambridge University Press Augustine, Political Writings (2001).pdfCambridge University Press Christ and the Just Society in the Thought of Augustine (2004).pdfCambridge University Press Christianization and Communication in Late Antiquity, John Chrysostom and his Congregation in Antioch (2006).pdfCambridge University Press Clement of Alexandria (2005).pdfCambridge University Press Companion to Augustine (2001).pdfCambridge University Press Evil and the Augustinian Tradition (2004).pdfCambridge University Press Gregory of Nazianzus, Autobiographical Poems (1996).pdfCambridge University Press Gregory the Great and His World (1997).pdfCambridge University Press History of the Bible Vol. 1, From the Beginnings to Jerome (1975).pdfCambridge University Press Irenaeus of Lyons (2001).pdfCambridge University Press Johannine Christology and the Early Church (1970).pdfCambridge University Press Origen and the Jews, Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations in 3rd-Century Palestine (1976).pdfCambridge University Press Sacred Violence, African Christians and Sectarian Hatred in the Age of Augustine (2011).pdfCambridge University Press Tertullian and the Church (1995).pdfCambridge University Press Tertullian, First Theologian of the West (2001) (Scan, OCR).pdfCambridge University Press The Catechetical Oration of Gregory of Nyssa (1903) (Scan, OCR).pdfCambridge University Press The Hope of the Early Church, A Handbook of Patristic Eschatology (1991).pdfCambridge University Press The New Testament Text of Saint Ambrose (1959).pdfCambridge University Press The Philosophy of Clement of Alexandria (1957).pdfCambridge University Press The Spiritual Gospel, The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel in the Early Church (1960).pdfCambridge University Press The Thought of Gregory the Great (1988).pdfCatholic University of America Press Freedom and Necessity, St. Augustine's Teaching on Divine Power and Human Freedom (2007).pdfCatholic University of America Press Funeral Orations by Saint Gregory Nazianzen and Saint Ambrose (1968).pdfCatholic University of America Press Tertullian's Aduersus Iudaeos, A Rhetorical Analysis (2008).pdfCatholic University of America Press To Know God and the Soul, Essays on the Thought of Saint Augustine (2008).pdfCommunio Books Cosmic Liturgy, The Universe According to Maximus the Confessor (1988) (Scan, OCR).pdfContinuum International Publishing Augustine, A Guide for the Perplexed (2010).pdfContinuum International Publishing Saint Augustine and the Theory of Just War (2006).pdfContinuum International Publishing St Augustine of Hippo, The Christian Transformation of Political Philosophy (2005).pdfCornell University Press Golden Mouth, The Story of John Chrysostom Ascetic Preacher Bishop (1995) (no OCR).pdfEdwin Mellen Press Ancient Jewish-Christian Dialogues, Athanasius and Zacchaeus Simon and Theophilus Timothy and Aquila (2004).pdfFordham University Press Seducing Augustine, Bodies Desires Confessions (2010).pdfFordham University Press With Christ in Prison, Jesuits in Jail from St. Ignatius to the Present (2000).pdfFortress Press Jewish Christianity, Factional Disputes in the Early Church (1969).pdfGeorg Olms Verlag Language Logic and Reason in the Church Fathers, A Study of Tertullian Augustine and Aquinas (1979).pdfGorgias Press The Influence of Origen on the Young Augustine, A Chapter of the History of Origenism 2nd (2009).pdfHarperCollins Augustine, A New Biography (2005).pdfHarvard University Press Athanasius and Constantius, Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire (1993).pdfHarvard University Press Augustine the Reader, Meditation Self-Knowledge and the Ethics of Interpretation (1996).pdfHarvard University Press Christianity and the Transformation of the Book, Origen Eusebius and the Library of Caesarea (2006).pdfHarvard University Press Clement of Alexandria, The Exhortation to the Greeks The Rich Man's Salvation To the Newly Baptized (1919).pdfHarvard University Press The Apostolic Fathers Vol. 1, I Clement II Clement Ignatius Polycarp Didache (2003).pdfHarvard University Press The Apostolic Fathers Vol. 2, Shepherd of Hermas Martyrdom of Polycarp Epistle to Diogentus (1913).pdfHarvard University Press The Correspondence of Athanasius I, Patriarch of Constantinople (1975).pdfIgnatius Press Cosmic Liturgy, The Universe According to Maximus the Confessor (2003) (Scan, OCR).pdfIndiana University Press Augustine and Postmodernism, Confession and Circumfession (2005).pdfInternational Scholars Publications Christology and Eucharist in the Early Thought of Cyril of Alexandria (1994).pdfKessinger Publishing The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom on the Gospel of St. Matthew (1888).pdfLiturgical Press Ambrose of Milan's Method of Mystagogical Preaching (2002) (no OCR).pdfLiverpool University Press The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus (2000).pdfLongmans Green and Co. St. Irenaeus, Proof of the Apostolic Preaching (1952).pdfMarquette University Press Augustine of Hippo, Philosopher Exegete and Theologian (2009).pdfMarquette University Press Paradoxes of Time in Saint Augustine (1996).pdfMarshall Morgan Scott Publishing Holiness and the Will of God, Perspectives on the Theology of Tertullian (1979).pdfOxford University Press Ambrose and John Chrysostom, Clerics between Desert and Empire (2011).pdfOxford University Press Ambrose of Milan and the End of the Nicene-Arian Conflicts (1995).pdfOxford University Press Ambrosiaster's Political Theology (2007).pdfOxford University Press Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition and Assumption (2002).pdfOxford University Press Ascetic Eucharists, Food and Drink in Early Christian Ritual Meals (1999).pdfOxford University Press Asceticism and Anthropology in Irenaeus and Clement (2000).pdfOxford University Press Asceticism and Christological Controversy in 5th-Century Palestinem The Career of Peter the Iberian (2006).pdfOxford University Press Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ, The Monasteries of Palestine 314-631 (1994).pdfOxford University Press Augustine of Hippo, A Life (2009).pdfOxford University Press Augustine's Commentary on Galatians, Introduction Text Translation and Notes [early christian studies] (2003).pdfOxford University Press Augustine's Invention of the Inner Self, The Legacy of a Christian Platonist (2000).pdfOxford University Press Augustine's Text of John, Patristic Citations and Latin Gospel Manuscripts (2008).pdfOxford University Press Augustine's Way into the Will, The Theological and Philosophical Significance of De libero arbitrio (2007).pdfOxford University Press Augustine, A Very Short Introduction (2001).pdfOxford University Press Augustine, De Bono Coniugali De Sancta Virginitate (2001).pdfOxford University Press Authority and Asceticism from Augustine to Gregory the Great (2000).pdfOxford University Press Barbarians and Bishops, Army Church and State in the Age of Arcadius and Chrysostom (1990).pdfOxford University Press Barth Origen and Universal Salvation, Restoring Particularity (2009).pdfOxford University Press Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa and the Transformation of Divine Simplicity [early christian studies] (2009).pdfOxford University Press Christ as Mediator, A Study of the Theologies of Eusebius of Caesarea Marcellus of Ancyra and Athanasius of Alexandria (2007).pdfOxford University Press Christology and Cosmology, Models of Divine Activity in Origen Eusebius and Athanasius (1993).pdfOxford University Press Clement of Alexandria and the Beginnings of Christian Apophaticism [early christian studies] (2006).pdfOxford University Press Communities of the Blessed, Social Environment and Religious Change in Northern Italy 200-400 (1999).pdfOxford University Press Contextualizing Cassian, Aristocrats Asceticism and Reformation in Fifth-Century Gaul (2007).pdfOxford University Press Coptic Christology in Practice, Incarnation and Divine Participation in Late Antique and Medieval Egypt (2008).pdfOxford University Press Cyril of Alexandria and the Nestorian Controversy, The Making of a Saint and of a Heretic (2004).pdfOxford University Press Cyril of Alexandria, Select Letters (1983) (Scan, OCR).pdfOxford University Press De Doctrina Christiana by Augustine (1995).pdfOxford University Press Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius' Praeparatio Evangelica [early christian studies] (2006).pdfOxford University Press Eunomius of Cyzicus and the Nicene Revolution (2000) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Eunomius, The Extant Works (1987) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Evagrius of Pontus, The Greek Ascetic Corpus (2003).pdfOxford University Press Grace and Christology in the Early Church (2003).pdfOxford University Press Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God, In Your Light We Shall See Light (2008).pdfOxford University Press Gregory of Nyssa and the Concept of Divine Persons (2005).pdfOxford University Press Gregory of Nyssa and the Grasp of Faith, Union Knowledge and Divine Presence (2004).pdfOxford University Press Gregory of Nyssa, Ancient and [Post]modern (2007).pdfOxford University Press Handbook of Early Christian Studies (2008).pdfOxford University Press Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity, From De Fide to De Trinitate (2008).pdfOxford University Press Inner Grace, Augustine in the Traditions of Plato and Paul (2008).pdfOxford University Press Justinian and the Making of the Syrian Orthodox Church (2008).pdfOxford University Press Language in the Confessions of Augustine (2007).pdfOxford University Press Marcellus of Ancyra and the Lost Years of the Arian Controversy 325-345 (2006).pdfOxford University Press Marius Victorinus' Commentary on Galatians (2005).pdfOxford University Press Marriage Celibacy and Heresy in Ancient Christianity, The Jovinianist Controversy (2007).pdfOxford University Press Maximus the Confessor and his Companions, Documents from Exile (2002) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Origen and the Life of the Stars, A History of an Idea (1991).pdfOxford University Press Origen on the Song of Songs as the Spirit of Scripture. The Bridegroom's Perfect Marriage-Song (2005).pdfOxford University Press Outward Signs, The Powerlessness of External Things in Augustine's Thought (2008).pdfOxford University Press Paulinus Noster, Self and Symbols in the Letters of Paulinus of Nola (2000).pdfOxford University Press Possidius of Calama, A Study of the North African Episcopate at the Age of Augustine (2008).pdfOxford University Press Psalmody and Prayer in the Writings of Evagrius Ponticus (2005).pdfOxford University Press Render to Caesar, Jesus the Early Church and the Roman Superpower (2005).pdfOxford University Press Rescue for the Dead, The Posthumous Salvation of Non-Christians in Early Christianity (2001).pdfOxford University Press Rethinking Augustine's Early Theology, An Argument for Continuity (2006).pdfOxford University Press Severus of Minorca, Letter on the Conversion of the Jews (1996).pdfOxford University Press St Gregory of Nazianzus, Poemata Arcana (1997).pdfOxford University Press The Appropriation of Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria (2004).pdfOxford University Press The Body in St Maximus the Confessor, Holy Flesh Wholly Deified (2005).pdfOxford University Press The Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximus the Confessor [early christian studies] (2008).pdfOxford University Press The Christology of Theodoret of Cyrus, Antiochene Christology from the Council of Ephesus 431 to the Council of Chalcedon 451 (2007).pdfOxford University Press The Church in Ancient Society, From Galilee to Gregory the Great (2001).pdfOxford University Press The Cult of Saint Thecla, A Tradition of Women's Piety in Late Antiquity (2001).pdfOxford University Press The Doctrine of Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition (2004).pdfOxford University Press The Early Development of Canon Law and the Council of Serdica [early christian studies] (2002).pdfOxford University Press The Easter Computus and the Origins of the Christian Era (2008).pdfOxford University Press The Epistles of St Symeon the New Theologian (2009).pdfOxford University Press The Eusebians, The Polemic of Athanasius of Alexandria and the Construction of the Arian Controversy (2007).pdfOxford University Press The Fatherhood of God from Origen to Athanasius (2000).pdfOxford University Press The Irrational Augustine (2006).pdfOxford University Press The Johannine Corpus in the Early Church (2004).pdfOxford University Press The Letters of Jerome, Asceticism Biblical Exegesis and the Construction of Christian Authority in Late Antiquity (2009).pdfOxford University Press The New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers (1905).pdfOxford University Press The Old Latin Gospels, A Study of their Texts and Language [early christian studies] (2000).pdfOxford University Press The Reception of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers (2 Vols) (2005).pdfOxford University Press The Suffering of the Impassible God, The Dialectics of Patristic Thought (2004).pdfOxford University Press The Theological Epistemology of Augustine's De Trinitate (2008).pdfOxford University Press Tradition and Theology in St John Cassian (2007).pdfOxford University Press Trajectories through the New Testament and the Apostolic Fathers (2005).pdfOxford University Press Union and Distinction in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor (2007).pdfPIMS Basil of Caesarea Christian Humanist Ascetic, A Sixteen-Hundredth Anniversary Symposium (1981).pdfPIMS Life of Saint Augustine by John Capgrave (2001).pdfPalgrave Macmillan The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage, Dressing for the Resurrection (2011).pdfPantheon Books Art in the Early Church (1947) (Scan, OCR).pdfPaulist Press Gregory of Nyssa, The Life of Moses (1978).pdfPaulist Press Maximus Confessor, Selected Writings (1985) (no OCR).pdfPaulist Press St. Maximus the Confessor, The Ascetic Life and The Four Centuries on Charity (1955) (no OCR).pdfPeeters Publishing Studia Patristica Vol. 32, Athanasius and his Opponents Cappadocian Fathers Other Greek Writers after Nicaea (1997) (no OCR).pdfPeeters Publishing Studia Patristica Vol. 33, Augustine and His Opponents Jerome Other Latin Fathers after Nicaea Orientalia (1997) (no OCR).pdfPutnam Books Select Letters of St. Jerome (1933).pdfRoutledge Press Ambrose (1997).pdfRoutledge Press Athanasius (2004).pdfRoutledge Press Athanasius, The Coherence of His Thought (1998).pdfRoutledge Press Augustine and his Critics, Essays in honour of Gerald Bonner (2000).pdfRoutledge Press Christianity in the 2nd Century, The Case of Tatian (2003).pdfRoutledge Press Cyprian the Bishop (2002).pdfRoutledge Press Cyril of Alexandria (2000).pdfRoutledge Press Cyril of Jerusalem (2000).pdfRoutledge Press Early Christian Latin Poets (2000).pdfRoutledge Press Early Christian Literature, Christ and Culture in the Second and Third Centuries (2005).pdfRoutledge Press Early Christianity (2006).pdfRoutledge Press Evagrius Ponticus (2006).pdfRoutledge Press Gregory of Nazianzus (2006).pdfRoutledge Press Gregory of Nyssa (1999).pdfRoutledge Press Gregory the Great (2006).pdfRoutledge Press Irenaeus of Lyons (1997).pdfRoutledge Press Jerome (2002).pdfRoutledge Press Maximus the Confessor (1996).pdfRoutledge Press Origen (1998).pdfRoutledge Press Severus of Antioch (2004).pdfRoutledge Press Tertullian (2004).pdfRoutledge Press The Mysticism of Saint Augustine, Re-Reading the Confessions (2005).pdfRoutledge Press Theodoret of Cyrus (2006).pdfRoutledge Press Theophilus of Alexandria (2007).pdfSamuel Bagster & Sons The Greek Ecclesiastical Historians of the First Six Centuries of the Christian Era Vol. 6, Evagrius' Ecclesiastical History from 431-594 (1846).pdfSociety of Biblical Literature Publishing Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa, Testimonies against the Jews (2004).pdfSociety of Biblical Literature Publishing The New Testament Text of Gregory of Nyssa (1991).pdfSociety of Biblical Literature Publishing The Text of Matthew in the Writings of Basil of Caesarea (2004).pdfSociety of Biblical Literature Publishing The Text of the Fourth Gospel in the Writings of Origen Vol. 1 (1992).pdfSociety of Biblical Literature Publishing The Text of the Gospels in Clement of Alexandria (2008).pdfSt Vladimir's Seminary Press Divine Rhetoric, The Sermon on the Mount as Message and as Model in Augustine Chrysostom and Luther (2001) (no OCR).pdfSt Vladimir's Seminary Press On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ, Selected Writings from St Maximus the Confessor (2003) (no OCR).pdfSt. Tikhon's Seminary Press Free Choice in St. Maximus the Confessor (1989) (no OCR).pdfState University of New York Press Access to God in Augustine's Confessions, Books X-XIII (2005).pdfState University of New York Press Encounters with God in Augustine's Confessions, Books VII-IX (2004).pdfState University of New York Press The Journey toward God in Augustine's Confessions, Books I-VI (2003).pdfState University of New York Press The Trinity and Creation in Augustine, An Ecological Analysis (2008).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. A Brief History of the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Early Church (2007).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. A Vision for the Church, Studies in Early Christian Ecclesiology (1997).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. Into the Name of the Lord Jesus, Baptism in the Early Church (1997).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. Of God and Man, Theology as Anthropology from Irenaeus to Athanasius (2009).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. The Theology of St Cyril of Alexandria, A Critical Appreciation (2003).pdfUniversity of California Press Ambrose of Milan, Church and Court in a Christian Capital (1994).pdfUniversity of California Press Augustine's Philosophy of Mind (1987).pdfUniversity of California Press Gregory the Great, Perfection in Imperfection (1988).pdfUniversity of California Press Theodoret's People, Social Networks and Religious Conflict in Late Roman Syria (2011).pdfUniversity of Chicago Press The Monk and the Book, Jerome and the Making of Christian Scholarship (2006).pdfUniversity of Notre Dame Press Exegesis and Spiritual Pedagogy in Maximus the Confessor (1991) (Scan, OCR).pdfUniversity of Notre Dame Press The Early Episcopal Career of Athanasius of Alexandria (1991) (Scan, OCR).pdfUppsala University Press Life-Giving Blessing, An Inquiry into the Eucharistic Doctrine of Cyril of Alexandria (1977).pdfWestminster Press Augustine, Earlier Writings (1953).pdfWestminster Press Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of Emesa (1955).pdfWilfrid Laurier University Press A Study in Anti-Gnostic Polemics, Irenaeus Hippolytus and Epiphanius (1981).pdfWilfrid Laurier University Press Augustine's Conversion, A Guide to the Argument of Confessions I-IX (1990).pdfWilfrid Laurier University Press Augustine, From Rhetor to Theologian (1992) (Scan, OCR).pdfDownload Links(Premium Recommend All Links Below)------------------------------------------