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Byzantine Empire eBooks CollectionEnglish | .PDF | 3.78 GBThe Byzantine Empire (or Byzantium) was the Roman Empire during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, centered on the capital of Constantinople. The state is also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, primarily in the context of Late Antiquity, and especially while the Western Roman Empire was still maintained in Italy. Both \"Byzantine Empire\" and \"Eastern Roman Empire\" are historiographical terms applied in later centuries: throughout its existence the state was known simply as the Roman Empire or Romania and was the direct continuation of the Roman State, maintaining Roman state traditions. Byzantium is today distinguished from ancient Rome proper insofar as it was oriented towards Greek culture, characterized by Orthodox Christianity rather than Roman polytheism, and was predominantly Greek-speaking rather than Latin-speaking.As the distinction between Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire is a modern convention, it is not possible to assign a single date of transition. However, there are several important dates. In 285, Emperor Diocletian (r. 284–305) divided the Roman Empire's administration into eastern and western halves. In 324, Emperor Constantine I (r. 306–337) transferred the eastern capital from Nicomedia in Asia Minor to Byzantium in Europe on the Bosphorus, which became Constantinople, the \"City of Constantine\" or alternatively \"New Rome\". In 395 after the death of Emperor Theodosius I (r. 379–395), the Roman Empire was divided for the last time, politically separating the eastern and western halves of the empire forever. A final period of transition began during the later reign of Emperor Heraclius (r. 610–641) when he entirely transformed the empire by reforming the army and administration by introducing themes and by changing the official language of the Empire from Latin to Greek.A PDF collection of 185 eBooks about the Byzantine Empire. eBooks are sorted on publisher's name.Ashgate Publishing Art and Identity in 13th-Century Byzantium, Hagia Sophia and the Empire of Trebizond (2004) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Byzantine Orthodoxies, Papers from the 36th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (2006) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Byzantine Trade 4th-12th Centuries, The Archaeology of Local Regional and International Exchange (2009).pdfAshgate Publishing Byzantium in the Iconoclast Era 680-850, The Sources (2001).pdfAshgate Publishing Dreambooks in Byzantium, Six Oneirocritica in Translation with Commentary and Introduction (2008).pdfAshgate Publishing Eat Drink and Be Merry (Luke 12.19), Food and Wine in Byzantium (2007) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Health and Disease in Byzantine Crete, 7th-12th Centuries AD (2010).pdfAshgate Publishing Society, Culture and Politics in Byzantium (2005) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Strangers to Themselves, The Byzantine Outsider (2000) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Studies on the History and Topography of Byzantine Constantinople (2007) (Scan, OCR).pdfAshgate Publishing Travel in the Byzantine World, Papers from the 34th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (2002) (Scan, OCR).pdfBar-Ilan University Press A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine Period (1990) (no OCR).pdfBar-Ilan University Press Jews and Other Minorities in Byzantium (1995).pdfBlackwell Publishing A Companion to Byzantium (2010).pdfBlackwell Publishing A History of Byzantium (2005).pdfBlackwell Publishing The Byzantines (2006).pdfBlackwell Publishing The Social History of Byzantium (2009).pdfBloch Publishing The Jews of Byzantium 1204-1453 (1985).pdfBoston Books Byzantine Mosaic Decoration, Aspects of Monumental Art in Byzantium (1955) (no OCR).pdfBrill Publishing Arms and Armour of the Warrior Saints, Tradition and Innovation in Byzantine Iconography 843-1261 (2010).pdfBrill Publishing Biblical Prophets in Byzantine Palestine, Reassessing the Lives of the Prophets (1995).pdfBrill Publishing Byzantine Authors, Literary Activities and Preoccupations (2003).pdfBrill Publishing Byzantine Constantinople, Monuments Topography and Everyday Life (2001).pdfBrill Publishing Byzantium and Bulgaria 775-831 (2012).pdfBrill Publishing Byzantium in the Year 1000 (2003).pdfBrill Publishing Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt 2nd (2004) (no OCR).pdfBrill Publishing Contesting the Logic of Painting, Art and Understanding in 11th-Century Byzantium (2007).pdfBrill Publishing Jews in Byzantium, Dialectics of Minority and Majority Culture (2012).pdfBrill Publishing Joy-Bearing Grief, Tears of Contrition in the Writings of the Early Syrian and Byzantine Fathers (2004).pdfBrill Publishing Reconstructing the Reality of Images, Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography 11th-15th Centuries (2003) (Scan, OCR).pdfBrill Publishing The Age of the Dromon, The Byzantine Navy 500-1204 (2006).pdfBrill Publishing The Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones, A Study of 14th-Century Byzantine Politics Religion and Society (2010) (no OCR).pdfBrill Publishing The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium, The Empire of Constantinople 1204-1228 (2011).pdfBrill Publishing Warfare in Late Byzantium 1204-1453 (2011).pdfBrill Publishing Western Travellers to Constantinople, The West and Byzantium 962-1204 (1996).pdfCambridge University Press Being Byzantine, Greek Identity before the Ottomans 1200-1420 (2008).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantine Jewry in the Mediterranean Economy (2009).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture Vol. 1 (1913).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture Vol. 2 (1913).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantium Between the Ottomans and the Latins (2009).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantium and Venice, A Study in Diplomatic and Cultural Relations (1988).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests (1992).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantium in the 7th Century, The Transformation of a Culture (1997).pdfCambridge University Press Byzantium's Balkan Frontier, A Political Study of the Northern Balkans 900-1204 (2004).pdfCambridge University Press Church and Society in Byzantium under the Comneni 1081-1261 (1995).pdfCambridge University Press Church and Society in the Last Centuries of Byzantium (1979).pdfCambridge University Press Economic Expansion in the Byzantine Empire 900-1200 (1989).pdfCambridge University Press Eternal Victory, Triumphal Rulership in Late Antiquity Byzantium and the Early Medieval West (1986) (Scan, OCR).pdfCambridge University Press Hellenism in Byzantium, The Transformations of Greek Identity and the Reception of the Classical Tradition (2008).pdfCambridge University Press Heraclius, Emperor of Byzantium (2003) (no OCR).pdfCambridge University Press History of Turkey Vol. 1, Byzantium to Turkey 1071-1453 (2009).pdfCambridge University Press History of the Byzantine Empire 500-1492 (2008).pdfCambridge University Press Monks and Laymen in Byzantium 843-1118 (1995).pdfCambridge University Press Social Networks in Byzantine Egypt (2008).pdfCambridge University Press Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy 300-1450 (1985).pdfCambridge University Press Studies on Byzantine Literature of the 11th and 12th Centuries (1984).pdfCambridge University Press The Byzantine Economy (2007).pdfCambridge University Press The Byzantine Theocracy, The Weil Lectures (1977).pdfCambridge University Press The Christian Parthenon, Classicism and Pilgrimage in Byzantine Athens (2009).pdfCambridge University Press The Construction of Authority in Ancient Rome and Byzantium, The Rhetoric of Empire (2009).pdfCambridge University Press The Last Byzantine Renaissance (1970).pdfCambridge University Press The Last Centuries of Byzantium 1261-1453 2nd (1993).pdfCambridge University Press The Maeander Valley, A Historical Geography from Antiquity to Byzantium (2011).pdfCambridge University Press The Varangians of Byzantium, An Aspect of Byzantine Military History (1978).pdfCambridge University Press Vision and Meaning in 9th-Century Byzantium, Image as Exegesis in the Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus (1999).pdfCambridge University Press Visual Polemics in the 9th-Century Byzantine Psalters (1992) (no OCR).pdfCharles Scribner Publishing Dictionary of the Middle Ages Vol. 02, Augustinus Triumphus-Byzantine Literature (1983) (no OCR).pdfColumbia University Press Karaites in Byzantium, The Formative Years 970-1100 (1968).pdfGale Group Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2nd Vol. 1 [Abbagnano-Byzantine Philosophy] (2006).pdfGreenwood Press Byzantine Studies and Other Essays (1974) (no OCR).pdfGreenwood Press The Emperor Justinian and the Byzantine Empire (2005).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Art in the Making, Main Lines of Stylistic Development in Mediterranean Art 3rd-7th Century (1995) (no OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Coinage (1999).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Garden Culture (2002).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Magic (1995).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents Vol. 1 (2000).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine Pilgrimage Art (1982).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantine and Turkish Sardis (1976) (no OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Byzantium Confronts the West 1180-1204 (1968) (no OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire 1081-1261 (1969) (Scan, OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum Vol. 3, Late Roman and Byzantine Period (1964).pdfHarvard University Press Emperor Michael Palaeologus and the West 1258-1282, A Study in Byzantine-Latin Relations (1959).pdfHarvard University Press Law and Society in Byzantium, 9th-12th Centuries (1994) (Scan, OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Mosaics of Hagia Sophia Istanbul, The Fossati Restoration and the Work of the Byzantine Institute (1998).pdfHarvard University Press Siegecraft, Two 10th-Century Instructional Manuals by Heron of Byzantium (2000).pdfHarvard University Press The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos Vol. 1 (1985).pdfHarvard University Press The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos Vol. 2, Plates (1985).pdfHarvard University Press The Correspondence of Athanasius I, Patriarch of Constantinople (1975).pdfHarvard University Press The Crusades from the Perspective of Byzantium and the Muslim World (2001).pdfHarvard University Press The Economic History of Byzantium, From the 7th through the 15th Century Vol. 1 (2002).pdfHarvard University Press The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire (2009).pdfHarvard University Press The History of Leo the Deacon, Byzantine Military Expansion in the 10th Century (2005).pdfHarvard University Press The Old Testament in Byzantium (2010).pdfHarvard University Press The Serbs and Byzantium during the Reign of Tsar Stephen Dusan 1331-1355 and His Successors (1984) (no OCR).pdfHarvard University Press Three Byzantine Military Treatises, Text Translation and Notes (1985) (no OCR).pdfHellenic College Press Some Thoughts on Byzantine Military Strategy (1983) (no OCR).pdfHomer Kitabevi Publishing Amorium, A Byzantine City in Anatolia (2006).pdfI.B. Tauris Publishers Lost Capital of Byzantium, The History of Mistra and the Peloponnese (2010).pdfI.B. Tauris Publishers Tastes of Byzantium, The Cuisine of a Legendary Empire (2010).pdfI.B. Tauris Publishers The Rhetoric of Power in Late Antiquity, Religion and Politics in Byzantium Europe and the Early Islamic World (2010).pdfJohns Hopkins University Press The Birth of the Hospital in the Byzantine Empire (1997).pdfKraus International Publications Ancient Coin Collecting Vol. 5, The Romaion-Byzantine Culture (1998).pdfLa Pomme d'Or Publishing The Occult Sciences in Byzantium (2006) (Scan, OCR).pdfLongman Group The Byzantine Empire 1025-1204, A Political History 2nd (1997) (no OCR).pdfLongmans Green and Co. Simpson's History of Architectural Development Vol. 2, Early Christian Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture (1954).pdfManchester University Press Christian Dualist Heresies in the Byzantine World 650-1450, Selected Sources (1998).pdfOsprey Publishing Byzantium at War 600-1453 (2003).pdfOsprey Publishing Constantinople 1453, The End of Byzantium (2000).pdfOxford University Press A Byzantine Encyclopaedia of Horse Medicine, The Sources Compilation and Transmission of the Hippiatrica (2007).pdfOxford University Press A History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography (1962) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Basil II and the Governance of Empire 976-1025 (2005).pdfOxford University Press Byzantine Art and Archaeology (1911) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Byzantine Philosophy and its Ancient Sources (2002).pdfOxford University Press Byzantines and Crusaders in Non-Greek Sources 1025-1204 (2007).pdfOxford University Press Byzantium and the Crusader States 1096-1204 (1993) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Byzantium, An Introduction to East Roman Civilization (1948).pdfOxford University Press Dictionary of Byzantium Vol. 1 (1991) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Dictionary of Byzantium Vol. 2 (1991) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press Dictionary of Byzantium Vol. 3 (1991) (no OCR).pdfOxford University Press George Akropolites, The History (2007).pdfOxford University Press Handbook of Byzantine Studies (2008).pdfOxford University Press Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond (2006).pdfOxford University Press Six Byzantine Portraits (1988).pdfOxford University Press St John Damascene, Tradition and Originality in Byzantine Theology (2002).pdfOxford University Press The Byzantine Christ, Person Nature and Will in the Christology of Saint Maximus the Confessor (2004).pdfOxford University Press The Chronicle of Morea, Historiography in Crusader Greece (2009).pdfOxford University Press The Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor, Byzantine and Near Eastern History 284-813 (1997) (Scan, OCR).pdfOxford University Press The Dynamics of Ancient Empires, State Power from Assyria to Byzantium (2009).pdfOxford University Press The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire (1990).pdfOxford University Press The Trophies of the Martyrs, An Art Historical Study of Early Christian Silver Reliquaries (2008).pdfOxford University Press The Victor's Crown, A History of Ancient Sport from Homer to Byzantium (2012).pdfOxford University Press Theology in Stone, Church Architecture from Byzantium to Berkeley (2004).pdfOxford University Press We Have No King but Christ, Christian Political Thought in Greater Syria on the Eve of the Arab Conquest 400-585 (2010).pdfPalgrave Macmillan A Chronology of the Byzantine Empire (2006).pdfPalgrave Macmillan Atlas of Byzantine History (2005).pdfPalgrave Macmillan Beauty and the Male Body in Byzantium, Perceptions and Representations in Art and Text (2009).pdfPennsylvania State University Press Earth and Ocean, The Terrestrial World in Early Byzantine Art (1987).pdfPergamon Press The Image of the Jew in Byzantine Art (1992).pdfPocket Essentials Byzantium, Capital of an Ancient Empire (2007).pdfPraeger Publishers The Byzantine Commonwealth, Eastern Europe 500-1453 (1971).pdfPrinceton University Press Art and Eloquence in Byzantium (1981) (no OCR).pdfPrinceton University Press Peasant Society in the late Byzantine Empire, A Social and Demographic Study (1977).pdfPrivate Bank & Trust Company Meta to Vyzantio, The Survival of Byzantine Sacred Art (1996) (no OCR).pdfPutnam Books Everyday Life in Byzantium (1967).pdfRoutledge & Kegan Paul LTD Byzantine Jewry from Justinian to the Fourth Crusade (1971).pdfRoutledge Press Byzantine Empresses, Women and Power in Byzantium 527–1204 (1999).pdfRoutledge Press Byzantium at War 600-1453 (2003).pdfRoutledge Press From Constantine to Julian Pagan and Byzantine Views, A Source History (1996).pdfRoutledge Press From Rome to Byzantium, The 5th Century AD (1998) (Scan, OCR).pdfRoutledge Press The City in Roman and Byzantine Egypt (2002).pdfRutgers University Press Manuel II Palaeologus 1391-1425, A Study in Late Byzantine Statesmanship (1969) (no OCR).pdfScarecrow Press Historical Dictionary of Byzantium (2001).pdfStanford University Press A History of the Byzantine State and Society (1997) (no OCR).pdfStanford University Press Byzantium and Its Army 284-1081 (1995).pdfStanford University Press Image Icon Economy, The Byzantine Origins of the Contemporary Imaginary (2005) (Scan, OCR).pdfStanford University Press The Byzantine Revival 780-842 (1988) (no OCR).pdfT&T Clark Ltd. Byzantine Gospel, Maximus the Confessor in Modern Scholarship (1993) (Scan, OCR).pdfUCL Press Warfare, State and Society in the Byzantine World 565-1204 (1999).pdfUniversity of Birmingham Press Byzantium and the Classical Tradition (1981) (no OCR).pdfUniversity of Birmingham Press Iconoclasm, Papers Given at the 9th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (1977) (no OCR).pdfUniversity of California Press Byzantine Coins (1982).pdfUniversity of California Press Change in Byzantine Culture in the 11th and 12th Centuries (1985).pdfUniversity of California Press Subtle Bodies, Representing Angels in Byzantium (2001).pdfUniversity of California Press The Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition (1985).pdfUniversity of California Press The Making of Byzantium 600-1025 (1996) (no OCR).pdfUniversity of Chicago Press Enrico or Byzantium Conquered, A Heroic Poem (2009).pdfUniversity of Chicago Press The Perfect Servant, Eunuchs and the Social Construction of Gender in Byzantium (2003).pdfUniversity of Washington Press Beholding the Sacred Mysteries, Programs of the Byzantine Sanctuary (1999).pdfVariorium Publishing Byzantium, Latin Romania and the Mediterranean (2001).pdfVariorium Publishing Constantinople and Its Hinterland, Papers from the 27th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (1995) (no OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing Gender, Society and Economic Life in Byzantium (1992) (no OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing History and Literature of Byzantium in the 9th-10th Centuries (2004) (no OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing Liturgy in Byzantium and Beyond (1995) (no OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing Mount Athos and Byzantine Monasticism, Papers from the 28th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (1996).pdfVariorium Publishing Studies in Byzantine Intellectual History (1979) (no OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing Studies in Late Byzantine History and Prosopography (1986) (Scan, OCR).pdfVariorium Publishing Studies on the Demography of the Byzantine Empire (1972).pdfVariorium Publishing The Early Byzantine Churches of Cilicia and Isauria (1996).pdfVintage Books A Short History of Byzantium (1997) (no OCR).pdfWalter de Gruyter Publishing An Anthology of Byzantine Prose (1971).pdfWalter de Gruyter Publishing Post-Roman Towns Trade and Settlement in Europe and Byzantium Vol. 1, The Heirs of the Roman West (2007).pdfWalter de Gruyter Publishing Post-Roman Towns Trade and Settlement in Europe and Byzantium Vol. 2, Byzantium Pliska and the Balkans (2007).pdfWayne State University Press Decline and Fall of Byzantium to the Ottoman Turks (1975).pdfWayne State University Press O City of Byzantium, Annals of Niketas Choniates (1984).pdfYale University Press Byzantium, Faith and Power 1261-1557 (2004) (no OCR).pdfDownload Links(Premium Recommend All Links Below)------------------------------------------