[AAC-tan] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Expanded Soundtrack ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド

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Disc 1\01 Channel Menu.m4a 1.9MB
Disc 1\02 Main Theme - Breath of the Wild.m4a 4.5MB
Disc 1\03 Breath of the Wild (Intro Ver.).m4a 1.8MB
Disc 1\04 Field (Day).m4a 5.2MB
Disc 1\05 Battle (Field 1).m4a 6.7MB
Disc 1\06 Item Get.m4a 297.7KB
Disc 1\07 The Towers Rise.m4a 1.8MB
Disc 1\08 Rune Extraction.m4a 754.5KB
Disc 1\09 The Beast.m4a 1.7MB
Disc 1\10 Sheikah Tower.m4a 4.1MB
Disc 1\11 Shrine Trial.m4a 650.3KB
Disc 1\12 Shrine.m4a 9.0MB
Disc 1\13 Solution.m4a 301.0KB
Disc 1\14 Battle (Shrine).m4a 3.3MB
Disc 1\15 Spirit Orb Get.m4a 406.4KB
Disc 1\16 Mount Hylia.m4a 4.9MB
Disc 1\17 The Old Man Appears.m4a 519.8KB
Disc 1\18 Temple of Time.m4a 3.3MB
Disc 1\19 Heart Container-Stamina Vessel Get.m4a 413.7KB
Disc 1\20 The Last King of Hyrule, Rhoam.m4a 2.4MB
Disc 1\21 Calamity Ganon.m4a 7.1MB
Disc 1\22 A King's Request.m4a 5.3MB
Disc 1\23 Key Item Get.m4a 459.5KB
Disc 1\24 Link's Memories.m4a 821.0KB
Disc 1\25 Link's Memories- Subdued Ceremony.m4a 841.5KB
Disc 1\26 First New Location.m4a 612.6KB
Disc 1\27 Kakariko Village (Day).m4a 9.3MB
Disc 1\28 Kakariko Village (Night).m4a 9.4MB
Disc 1\29 Impa's Theme.m4a 4.2MB
Disc 1\30 10,000 Year Legend.m4a 7.6MB
Disc 1\31 Talus Battle.m4a 4.7MB
Disc 1\32 Link's Memories- Resolve and Grief.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 1\33 Hateno Village (Day).m4a 8.9MB
Disc 1\34 Hateno Village (Night).m4a 10.9MB
Disc 1\35 Dyeing Clothes.m4a 485.4KB
Disc 1\36 Bleaching Clothes.m4a 483.2KB
Disc 1\37 Hudson Moves Out.m4a 639.1KB
Disc 1\38 House.m4a 6.6MB
Disc 1\39 Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.m4a 7.4MB
Disc 1\40 Riding (Day).m4a 3.9MB
Disc 1\41 Combat Trial.m4a 12.6MB
Disc 1\42 Cooking (Bad).m4a 419.3KB
Disc 1\43 Cooking (Good).m4a 416.1KB
Disc 1\44 Cooking (Great).m4a 435.4KB
Disc 1\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
Disc 2\01 Stables.m4a 5.6MB
Disc 2\02 Rest.m4a 416.5KB
Disc 2\03 Rest (Bed).m4a 433.7KB
Disc 2\04 Rest (Soft Bed).m4a 493.2KB
Disc 2\05 Kass' Theme.m4a 2.5MB
Disc 2\06 10'000 Year Old Legend (Kass Ver.).m4a 2.3MB
Disc 2\07 Riding (Night).m4a 3.8MB
Disc 2\08 Wetlands-Seaside.m4a 6.8MB
Disc 2\09 Yiga Assassin.m4a 330.2KB
Disc 2\10 Battle (Field 2).m4a 6.7MB
Disc 2\11 Sheikah Tower Activated.m4a 766.6KB
Disc 2\12 Prince of Zoras, Sidon.m4a 958.9KB
Disc 2\13 Sidon's Theme.m4a 4.9MB
Disc 2\14 Zora's Domain (Day).m4a 9.3MB
Disc 2\15 Zora's Domain (Night).m4a 8.1MB
Disc 2\16 Divine Beast of the Lake.m4a 1.5MB
Disc 2\17 Link's Memories- Mipha's Touch.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 2\18 Divine Beast, Vah Ruta Battle.m4a 4.5MB
Disc 2\19 Aboard Vah Ruta.m4a 2.6MB
Disc 2\20 Vah Ruta.m4a 14.0MB
Disc 2\21 Battle (Divine Beast).m4a 4.8MB
Disc 2\22 Waterblight Ganon Appears.m4a 1.6MB
Disc 2\23 Scourge of Vah Ruta, Waterblight Ganon Battle.m4a 6.8MB
Disc 2\24 Boss Defeated.m4a 1.4MB
Disc 2\25 Zora Champion, Mipha.m4a 4.9MB
Disc 2\26 Mipha's Role.m4a 6.3MB
Disc 2\27 Great Fairy Fountain.m4a 4.4MB
Disc 2\28 Hinox Battle.m4a 8.8MB
Disc 2\29 Link's Memories- Slumbering Power.m4a 2.4MB
Disc 2\30 New Location.m4a 399.4KB
Disc 2\31 Lurelin Village (Day).m4a 8.2MB
Disc 2\32 Lurelin Village (Night).m4a 10.3MB
Disc 2\33 Malanya's Theme.m4a 4.1MB
Disc 2\34 Lord of the Mountain.m4a 5.1MB
Disc 2\35 Stationary Guardian Battle.m4a 2.2MB
Disc 2\36 Race Start.m4a 2.0MB
Disc 2\37 Race.m4a 4.5MB
Disc 2\38 New Record.m4a 521.3KB
Disc 2\39 Challenge Failed.m4a 518.5KB
Disc 2\40 Hunting.m4a 3.8MB
Disc 2\41 Trophy Get.m4a 4.5MB
Disc 2\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
Disc 3\01 Gerudo Canyon.m4a 4.6MB
Disc 3\02 Field (Desert).m4a 6.6MB
Disc 3\03 Divine Beast of the Desert.m4a 1.8MB
Disc 3\04 Kara Kara Bazaar.m4a 3.8MB
Disc 3\05 Link's Memories- Blades of the Yiga.m4a 2.2MB
Disc 3\06 Crossdressing.m4a 695.8KB
Disc 3\07 Gerudo Town (Day).m4a 11.6MB
Disc 3\08 Gerudo Town (Night).m4a 10.8MB
Disc 3\09 Riju, Gerudo Chief.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 3\10 Yiga Clan Base.m4a 5.0MB
Disc 3\11 Battle (Field 3).m4a 6.7MB
Disc 3\12 Master Kohga's Theme.m4a 1.9MB
Disc 3\13 Leader of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga Battle.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 3\14 Link's Memories- Urbosa's Hand.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 3\15 Observation Post.m4a 5.5MB
Disc 3\16 Riju's Thunder Barrier.m4a 2.0MB
Disc 3\17 Divine Beast, Vah Naboris Battle.m4a 6.7MB
Disc 3\18 Aboard Vah Naboris.m4a 2.7MB
Disc 3\19 Vah Naboris.m4a 15.0MB
Disc 3\20 Thunderblight Ganon Appears.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 3\21 Scourge of Vah Naboris, Thunderblight Ganon Battle.m4a 6.8MB
Disc 3\22 Gerudo Champion, Urbosa.m4a 4.2MB
Disc 3\23 Urbosa's Role.m4a 6.2MB
Disc 3\24 Molduga Battle.m4a 9.7MB
Disc 3\25 Kilton's Shop.m4a 7.3MB
Disc 3\26 Tarrey Town.m4a 22.3MB
Disc 3\27 Hudson's Marriage.m4a 6.9MB
Disc 3\28 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.m4a 5.5MB
Disc 3\29 Parasail Course.m4a 4.2MB
Disc 3\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
Disc 4\01 Lost Woods.m4a 5.9MB
Disc 4\02 Korok Forest (Day).m4a 6.7MB
Disc 4\03 Korok Forest (Night).m4a 8.1MB
Disc 4\04 The Great Deku Tree.m4a 5.3MB
Disc 4\05 Master Sword Get.m4a 1.2MB
Disc 4\06 Link's Memories- The Master Sword.m4a 4.4MB
Disc 4\07 Visions.m4a 2.1MB
Disc 4\08 Hestu's Dance.m4a 483.1KB
Disc 4\09 Guardian Battle.m4a 5.0MB
Disc 4\10 Link's Memories- The Silent Princess.m4a 2.9MB
Disc 4\11 Death Mountain.m4a 4.9MB
Disc 4\12 Field (Volcano).m4a 5.0MB
Disc 4\13 Divine Beast of the Volcano.m4a 2.0MB
Disc 4\14 Goron City (Day).m4a 6.7MB
Disc 4\15 Goron City (Night).m4a 8.0MB
Disc 4\16 North Mine.m4a 4.3MB
Disc 4\17 Goron Youth, Yunobo.m4a 1.2MB
Disc 4\18 Link's Memories- Daruk's Mettle.m4a 4.3MB
Disc 4\19 Divine Beast, Vah Rudania Battle.m4a 12.3MB
Disc 4\20 Aboard Vah Rudania.m4a 1.5MB
Disc 4\21 Vah Rudania.m4a 14.6MB
Disc 4\22 Fireblight Ganon Appears.m4a 1.2MB
Disc 4\23 Scourge of Vah Rudania, Fireblight Ganon Battle.m4a 6.8MB
Disc 4\24 Goron Champion, Daruk.m4a 4.9MB
Disc 4\25 Daruk's Role.m4a 5.5MB
Disc 4\26 Test of Will.m4a 3.6MB
Disc 4\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
Disc 5\01 Rito Village (Day).m4a 12.0MB
Disc 5\02 Rito Village (Night).m4a 14.5MB
Disc 5\03 Link's Memories- Revali's Flap.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 5\04 Link's Memories- To Mount Lanayru.m4a 3.4MB
Disc 5\05 Field (Snow).m4a 2.8MB
Disc 5\06 Flight Range.m4a 4.4MB
Disc 5\07 Rito Warrior, Teba.m4a 977.7KB
Disc 5\08 Flight Range Trial.m4a 4.5MB
Disc 5\09 Divine Beast, Vah Medoh Battle.m4a 6.4MB
Disc 5\10 Aboard Vah Medoh.m4a 3.0MB
Disc 5\11 Vah Medoh.m4a 15.4MB
Disc 5\12 Windblight Ganon Appears.m4a 1.2MB
Disc 5\13 Scourge of Vah Medoh, Windblight Ganon.m4a 6.9MB
Disc 5\14 Rito Champion, Revali.m4a 3.9MB
Disc 5\15 Revali's Role.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 5\16 The Rito Sisters.m4a 1.8MB
Disc 5\17 Snowling.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 5\18 Caves.m4a 7.0MB
Disc 5\19 Malicious Dragon.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 5\20 The Dragons of Hyrule.m4a 4.8MB
Disc 5\21 Kass Medley.m4a 5.4MB
Disc 5\22 Ruins.m4a 4.4MB
Disc 5\23 Battle (Strong Enemy).m4a 5.3MB
Disc 5\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
Disc 6\01 Link's Memories- The Return of Calamity Ganon.m4a 6.7MB
Disc 6\02 Link's Memories- Despair.m4a 4.2MB
Disc 6\03 Omen of the Blood Moon.m4a 1.6MB
Disc 6\04 The Blood Moon.m4a 1.5MB
Disc 6\05 Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.m4a 5.1MB
Disc 6\06 Calamity Ganon (Intro).m4a 1.2MB
Disc 6\07 Link's Memories- Father & Daughter.m4a 4.7MB
Disc 6\08 Link's Memories- Zelda's Awakening.m4a 5.5MB
Disc 6\09 Captured Memories.m4a 1.3MB
Disc 6\10 Hyrule Castle.m4a 16.8MB
Disc 6\11 Calamity Ganon Appears.m4a 2.6MB
Disc 6\12 The Divine Beasts Strike.m4a 2.9MB
Disc 6\13 Scourge of Hyrule Castle, Calamity Ganon Battle.m4a 8.1MB
Disc 6\14 Dark Beast Ganon Appears.m4a 2.4MB
Disc 6\15 Hatred and Malice Incarnate, Dark Beast Ganon Battle.m4a 9.9MB
Disc 6\16 Ganon Vanquished.m4a 2.4MB
Disc 6\17 Staff Roll.m4a 21.4MB
Disc 6\18 Epilogue.m4a 4.4MB
Disc 6\19 Game Over.m4a 427.4KB
Disc 6\20 Breath of the Wild (Live).m4a 5.5MB
Disc 6\21 Battle (Field) Medley.m4a 19.4MB
Disc 6\Cover.jpg 216.8KB
イメージ\000 (fan).jpg 1.4MB

[AAC-tan] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Expanded Soundtrack ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド.part1.rar - http://rapidstone.com/4Ij8/[AAC-tan]_The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Breath_of_the_Wild_-_Expanded_Soundtrack_ゼルダの伝説_ブレス_オブ_ザ_ワイルド.part1.ra = AC-tan] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Expanded Soundtrack ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド.part1.rar
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