Armed Blue Gunvolt folder

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Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\BK.jpg 152.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Cover.jpg 276.7KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Disc.jpg 711.0KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image001.jpg 491.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image002.jpg 531.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image003.jpg 1016.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image004.jpg 1.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image005.jpg 1017.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image006.jpg 1.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image007.jpg 511.9KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image008.jpg 306.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image009.jpg 144.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\#Scan\Image010.jpg 369.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\01 Reminiscence.flac 4.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\02 Peaceful.flac 14.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\03 Trouble.flac 33.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\04 Prayer.flac 45.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\05 Ninpo.flac 47.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\06 Cooking.flac 27.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\07 Karaoke.flac 42.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\08 Zanshi.flac 6.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\09 Find Out! -Hope of a Compass Needle-.flac 30.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\10 Azure Photo -Cyanotype-.flac 19.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\11 Nebulous Clock (Karaoke Ver.).flac 38.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\12 Rouge Shimmer (Karaoke Ver.).flac 29.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\13 Pain from the Past (Karaoke Ver.).flac 29.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\14 Azure Door (Karaoke Ver.).flac 33.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\15 A Zip to the Moon (Karaoke Ver.).flac 32.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\16 Scorching Journey (Karaoke Ver.).flac 27.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\17 Find Out! -Hope of a Compass Needle- (Karaoke Ver.).flac 30.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\18 Azure Photo -Cyanotype- (Karaoke Ver.).flac 18.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Admiration to Peace\19 Azure Photo -Cyanotype- (Game Loop Ver.).flac 16.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\BK.jpg 203.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Cover.jpg 339.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Disc.jpg 309.4KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image001.jpg 578.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image002.jpg 259.4KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image003.jpg 553.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image004.jpg 470.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image005.jpg 505.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image006.jpg 389.4KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image007.jpg 351.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image008.jpg 331.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image009.jpg 149.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\#Scan\Image010.jpg 251.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\01 Ao no Kanata.flac 37.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\02 Kiridokei.flac 38.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\03 Beniiro Kagerou.flac 30.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\04 Tsuioku no Pain.flac 29.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\05 Aoki Tobira.flac 34.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\06 Gessekai Kouro.flac 33.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\07 Shakunetsu no Tabi.flac 27.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Azure Phosphorescence\08 Reincarnation.flac 29.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\BK.jpg 187.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Cover.jpg 316.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Disc.jpg 351.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image001.jpg 489.9KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image002.jpg 560.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image003.jpg 529.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image004.jpg 479.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image005.jpg 600.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image006.jpg 459.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image007.jpg 451.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image008.jpg 755.2KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image009.jpg 144.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image010.jpg 328.0KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image011.jpg 180.9KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\#Scan\Image012.jpg 238.4KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\01 Eternal Blue.flac 37.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\02 The One.flac 29.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\03 Ouka Ranman.flac 38.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\04 Smoldering Flame.flac 60.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\05 Recollection of Lightning.flac 17.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\06 Those who have the Treasured Sword.flac 36.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\07 Fire and Water.flac 42.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\08 Justice Rage.flac 47.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\09 Daytona, it's Ignition Point.flac 23.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\10 Eternal Blue (Karaoke Ver.).flac 37.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\11 The One (Karaoke Ver.).flac 29.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\12 Ouka Ranman (Karaoke Ver.).flac 37.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\13 Ouka Ranman (Game Loop Ver.).flac 25.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt Justice Rage\14 Bonus Track.flac 1.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\BK.jpg 186.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Cover.jpg 319.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Disc.jpg 316.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image001.jpg 530.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image002.jpg 575.3KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image003.jpg 804.0KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image004.jpg 699.0KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image005.jpg 707.7KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image006.jpg 623.7KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image007.jpg 669.5KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image008.jpg 582.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image009.jpg 280.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image010.jpg 278.1KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image011.jpg 250.8KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\#Scan\Image012.jpg 168.0KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\01 Beginning of a Long Night.flac 6.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\02 Released Thunder.flac 8.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\03 Blue Wings Dancing in the Night.flac 14.2MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\04 Suddendly Changing Situation.flac 8.6MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\05 Accomplishment.flac 937.6KB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\06 Return and Compensation.flac 7.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\07 Girl's Prayer.flac 18.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\08 Warrior's Everyday.flac 15.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\09 Expected Abyss.flac 17.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\10 Power of the Sun Goddess.flac 20.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\11 Raging Inferno.flac 18.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\12 Maginetic Field of Greed.flac 18.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\13 The Whereabouts of the Circling Spirits.flac 17.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\14 The Garden of Poisonous Insects.flac 18.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\15 The Swirling Artifice.flac 10.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\16 To Draw out the Sword.flac 12.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\17 The Seven Treasure Weapons.flac 15.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\18 Crushing.flac 1.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\19 The Perplexing Nightless City.flac 22.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\20 The Silver Bullet of Revenge.flac 10.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\21 Reckless Shooting Conviction.flac 16.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\22 Impatience and Chase.flac 9.5MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\23 Running through the Lightning.flac 17.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\24 Separating Lands.flac 9.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\25 Floating Bridge in the Sky.flac 15.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\26 The Ruler of the High Skies.flac 10.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\27 Phosphorescent Dance.flac 25.4MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\28 The Waxing Spirit.flac 8.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\29 The Final Judgment.flac 21.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\30 The Visiting Nightmare.flac 9.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\31 Becoming the Wave of Electrons.flac 8.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\32 The Collision of Thunderstorms.flac 20.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\33 The End of a Long Night.flac 13.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\34 Beyond the Blue.flac 14.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\35 Nebulous Clock.flac 15.9MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\36 Azure Door.flac 12.8MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\37 Pain from the Past.flac 11.0MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\38 Scorching Journey.flac 10.7MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\39 Rouge Shimmer.flac 11.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\40 A Zip to the Moon.flac 9.3MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\41 Reincarnation.flac 11.1MB
Armed Blue Gunvolt\42 Commercial Song for Sakurasaku Motors.flac 2.8MB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\BK.jpg 190.6KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Cover.jpg 356.0KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Disc.jpg 201.7KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image001.jpg 549.1KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image002.jpg 535.2KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image003.jpg 591.2KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image004.jpg 542.3KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image005.jpg 502.2KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image006.jpg 855.4KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image007.jpg 324.0KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image008.jpg 421.6KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image009.jpg 119.3KB
Mighty Gunvolt\#Scan\Image010.jpg 258.6KB
Mighty Gunvolt\01 Beginning of a Long Night.flac 5.7MB
Mighty Gunvolt\02 Warrior's Daily Life.flac 12.8MB
Mighty Gunvolt\03 Azure Wings, Dancing at Night.flac 9.6MB
Mighty Gunvolt\04 Dokidoki Daily Life.flac 15.1MB
Mighty Gunvolt\05 Venomous Flower Garden.flac 12.7MB
Mighty Gunvolt\06 Tenshou Prestige.flac 13.9MB
Mighty Gunvolt\07 Scabbard, Draw Sword.flac 8.2MB
Mighty Gunvolt\08 Seven Treasure Sword Battle.flac 10.8MB
Mighty Gunvolt\09 Stage Clear.flac 818.6KB
Mighty Gunvolt\10 Nightmatre Arrives.flac 9.5MB
Mighty Gunvolt\11 Thunder Crash.flac 13.9MB
Mighty Gunvolt\12 Ending Long Night.flac 11.5MB
Mighty Gunvolt\13 Raging Inferno.flac 12.1MB
Mighty Gunvolt\14 Place for Circulating Souls.flac 13.0MB
Mighty Gunvolt\15 Through the Ligthning.flac 12.2MB
Mighty Gunvolt\16 Quick Move Around.flac 11.3MB
Mighty Gunvolt\17 Abyss that Awaits.flac 13.3MB
Mighty Gunvolt\18 Magnetic Field of the Greed.flac 13.3MB
Mighty Gunvolt\19 Illusion of a No Night City.flac 16.6MB
Mighty Gunvolt\20 A Bridge Floating in the Sky.flac 10.8MB
Mighty Gunvolt\21 Prayer of a Girl.flac 15.5MB

Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part1.rar = 0Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part1.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part1.rar - = med Blue Gunvolt folder.part1.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part2.rar = 0Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part2.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part2.rar - = med Blue Gunvolt folder.part2.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part3.rar = 0Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part3.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part3.rar - = med Blue Gunvolt folder.part3.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part4.rar = 0Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part4.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part4.rar - = med Blue Gunvolt folder.part4.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part5.rar = 0Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part5.rar
Armed Blue Gunvolt folder.part5.rar - = med Blue Gunvolt folder.part5.rar