[Album] Outsider - Come Outside EP [2004.01.06] FLAC / Lossless / WEB

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01. Come Outside (feat. MC HA).flac 12.2MB
02. 편지 (Single ver.).flac 29.2MB
03. 운수 좋은 날 (feat. Azz Chef a k a Sio).flac 24.9MB
04. In the Night (feat. 37908).flac 32.9MB
05. 다시 나를 사랑하기를 (feat. Cross).flac 44.3MB
06. Since 1983.flac 35.6MB
07. Only the Microphone.flac 24.7MB
08. 너에게 (Original ver.) (feat. Heesu, Lonie Jay) (Bonus Track).flac 42.6MB
09. # Skit (Bonus Track).flac 4.0MB
10. Life Goes On (New Mix ver.) (feat. I D Technic) (Bonus Track).flac 27.3MB
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_____(Outsider) - Come Outside (EP) [2004].rar = 2012-03-27_496026622.rar