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Alternative Titles Japanese: ギルティクラウン Synopsis The story takes place in Tokyo in 2039. After the outbreak of the unidentified virus \"Lost Christmas\" in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multinational organization called GHQ. Ouma Shu is a 17-year-old boy who has a psychic power in his right hand. He can use the power \"Ability of King\" to extract tools or weapons from his friends. He has been avoiding making trouble for others but his life changes when he meets a girl named Yuzu...

Alternative Titles Synonyms: Shakugan no Shana Third, Shakugan no Shana 3 Japanese: 灼眼のシャナIII (Final) Synopsis According to Animedia August issue, producer Nakayama Nobuhiro said the OVA series \"Shakugan no Shana S\" is followed by the third season. Commie 720P uploaded.to:

Alternative Titles English: Listen to Me, Girls, I'm Your Father! Synonyms: Papakiki Japanese: パパのいうことを聞きなさい! Synopsis Segawa Yuta is a freshman of a university. He lost his parents when he was small and was raised by his sister Yuri. Yuta has been living alone since Yuri got married to a middle aged man when Yuta was a junior high student. One day, Yuri visited Yuta's apartment and asked him to take care of her three daughters while Yuri and her husband were on a trip. He unwillingly accep...

Alternative Titles Synonyms: Brave10, Brave Ten Japanese: ブレイブ・テン Synopsis A young ninja named Saizo Kirigakure is trying to find meaning and direction in his life when he encounters Isanami, who is fleeing from assassins. He manages to save her life, and she then asks him to act as her bodyguard until she reaches her destination. When they arrive in the protected territory of Sanada, Saizo falls into a meeting with Sasuke Sarutobi, leader of the famed ninja group. Sanada has gathered these ...

Alternative Titles English: Prince of Tennis II Synonyms: Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama Japanese: 新テニスの王子様 Synopsis In Japan an \"All Star Team\" is being formed, containing the 50 best tennis players from the entire country. HorribleSubs 720P uploaded.to:

Alternative Titles English: Natsume's Book of Friends Four Synonyms: Natsume Yuujinchou Four, Natsume Yuujinchou 4, Natsume Yujincho 4 Japanese: 夏目友人帳 肆 Synopsis The fourth season of Natsume Yuujinchou. Commie 720P uploaded.to:

Alternative Titles Japanese: 偽物語 Synopsis The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before. Koyomi's sisters Karen and Tsukihi try to capture Deishu but... Commie 720P uploaded.to:

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