[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC)

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[Broken] Gosick 01 - The Black Reaper Discovers the Golden Fairy (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [FC148AAF].mkv 352.6MB
[Broken] Gosick 02 - A Shipwreck is Raised by the Souls of the Departed (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [0A3D01F9].mkv 307.0MB
[Broken] Gosick 03 - The Hares Make an Oath at Daybreak (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [B1B9B2CA].mkv 308.6MB
[Broken] Gosick 04 - The Golden Thread Cleaves the Fleeting Moment (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [8F6D86BE].mkv 339.2MB
[Broken] Gosick 05 - There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [BFE8A61F].mkv 335.3MB
[Broken] Gosick 06 - The Grey Wolf Summons His Bretheren (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [CF429A92].mkv 341.9MB
[Broken] Gosick 07 - The Prophecy is Delivered at the Summer Solstice Festival (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [28F7E326].mkv 346.7MB
[Broken] Gosick 08 - Howls Echo in the Foregone Kingdom (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [6B2EA957].mkv 342.9MB
[Broken] Gosick 09 - The Blue Rose Blooms in a Man-eating Department Store (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [8DD46FC8].mkv 320.8MB
[Broken] Gosick 10 - People Who Catch Colds Dream of Their Stubborn Friends (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [0A8F9FFD].mkv 320.2MB
[Broken] Gosick 11 - The Drill Eloquently Tells a Tale of Love (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [53E1C235].mkv 341.0MB
[Broken] Gosick 12 - Listening to Cicadas on a Summer Afternoon (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [749DA247].mkv 345.1MB
[Broken] Gosick 13 - The Fool Appoints His Spokesperson (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [44FA0755].mkv 381.7MB
[Broken] Gosick 14 - The Ill-tempered Frill Blames the Farting Newt (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [3C2EC07D].mkv 346.4MB
[Broken] Gosick 15 - Two Monsters Understand Each Other (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [05EFC342].mkv 346.0MB
[Broken] Gosick 16 - The Falling Virgin Mary Has a Fly's Head (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [40F3A98E].mkv 320.9MB
[Broken] Gosick 17 - In the Spiral Labyrinth Lies the Box (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [54B0584F].mkv 330.4MB
[Broken] Gosick 18 - The Jet-black Train Has Several Falsehoods on Board (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [F8BF9E13].mkv 373.7MB
[Broken] Gosick 19 - Fresh Snow Buries One's Rose-colored Life (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [A7051E73].mkv 357.2MB
[Broken] Gosick 20 - The Phantom's Phantom Leads the Way (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [E3F1FA4B].mkv 332.9MB
[Broken] Gosick 21 - The Bells of the Holy Night Urge Time Forward (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [9E1F6DED].mkv 325.2MB
[Broken] Gosick 22 - The Christmas Carol Adorns the Happiness by the Window (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [2BF826CF].mkv 349.5MB
[Broken] Gosick 23 - Calling Checkmate in an Ash-stained Round of Chess (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [64B8DA92].mkv 321.7MB
[Broken] Gosick 24 - Seeing Eternity over the Reaper's Shoulder (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [B61BFD8B].mkv 338.1MB
[Broken] Gosick NCED 01 (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [0E94F369].mkv 37.6MB
[Broken] Gosick NCED 02 (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [B8452FD7].mkv 41.4MB
[Broken] Gosick NCOP (BD 8bit 720p FLAC) [0C8C46D5].mkv 46.0MB

[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part01.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part01.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part02.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part02.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part03.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part03.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part04.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part04.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part05.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part05.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part06.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part06.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part07.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part07.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part08.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part08.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part09.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part09.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part10.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part10.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part11.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part11.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part12.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part12.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part13.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part13.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part14.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part14.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part15.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part15.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part16.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part16.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part17.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part17.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part18.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part18.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part19.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part19.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part20.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part20.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part21.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part21.rar
[Broken] Gosick (BD 8bit 720p FLAC).part22.rar = 2012-04-26_2115480439.part22.rar