Music | By chihaya | 2012-02-21 19:18
Original Files:
DISC 1\\01 Fly up in the air (eco. size).mp3 6.7MB
DISC 1\\02 Tank! (TV stretch).mp3 7.9MB
DISC 1\\03 Kouya no Heath.mp3 12.8MB
DISC 1\\04 Turkey (eco. size).mp3 12.8MB
DISC 1\\06 High Heel Runaway (eco. size).mp3 6.2MB
DISC 1\\07 Ask DNA (eco. size).mp3 10.8MB
DISC 1\\08 could you bite the hand.mp3 8.3MB
DISC 1\\09 player (eco. size).mp3 12.8MB
DISC 1\\10 Power of the Light (eco. size).mp3 6.3MB
DISC 1\\11 Kagiri Naki Tabiji.mp3 11.4MB
DISC 1\\12 DANCE OF CURSE (eco. size).mp3 6.6MB
DISC 1\\13 Genesis of Aquarion.mp3 7.4MB
DISC 1\\14 Lithium Flower.mp3 7.9MB
DISC 1\\15 Shiro, Long Tail\'s.mp3 7.3MB
DISC 1\\16 inner universe (eco. size).mp3 10.5MB
DISC 1\\17 Lion.mp3 11.6MB
DISC 1\\18 Chikyuu Kyoumei.mp3 4.7MB
DISC 1\\19 Rakuen~secret garden.mp3 12.4MB
DISC 2\\01 MOON (eco. size).mp3 11.7MB
DISC 2\\02 high spirit.mp3 7.3MB
DISC 2\\03 Yakusoku ha Iranai (eco. size).mp3 7.0MB
DISC 2\\04 Be Human.mp3 9.4MB
DISC 2\\05 Get9 (hyper eco. size).mp3 7.7MB
DISC 2\\06 The Garden of everything.mp3 14.5MB
DISC 2\\08 Hamduche.mp3 4.3MB
DISC 2\\09 Voices.mp3 8.8MB
DISC 2\\10 Cloe (eco. size).mp3 6.9MB
DISC 2\\11 White Falcon.mp3 3.2MB
DISC 2\\12 The Real Folk Blues (save money size).mp3 11.6MB
DISC 2\\13 i do.mp3 11.3MB
DISC 2\\14 End title Nostalgia.mp3 11.0MB
DISC 2\\15 Yubiwa (Single Ver.).mp3 8.7MB
DISC 2\\16 Toki no Kioku.mp3 10.1MB
DISC 2\\17 BLUE.mp3 11.8MB
DISC 2\\18 THE STORY OF ESCAFLOWNE (eco. size).mp3 9.8MB
DISC 3\\01 Sasurai no Cowboy.mp3 7.5MB
DISC 3\\02 Doggy Dog (hungry size).mp3 6.6MB
DISC 3\\03 Neko no Kimochi (demo version).mp3 8.8MB
DISC 3\\04 Miwaku no Horse Riding.mp3 6.1MB
DISC 3\\05 WO QUI NON COIN.mp3 8.5MB
DISC 3\\06 No money (more money size).mp3 3.1MB
DISC 3\\07 Waratteta.mp3 10.9MB
DISC 3\\08 CAT\'S DELICACY.mp3 7.7MB
DISC 3\\09 AI Sentai Tachikomans.mp3 2.5MB
DISC 3\\10 Ranka to Bobby no SMS Shoutai no Uta.mp3 2.3MB
DISC 3\\11 ABC Mouse Parade.mp3 11.8MB
DISC 3\\12 Yoake no Octave.mp3 4.3MB
Scans\\Booklet.jpg 1.9MB
Scans\\Case Cover Back.jpg 1.2MB
Scans\\Case Cover Front.jpg 965.0KB
Scans\\Image 1.jpg 77.7KB
Scans\\Image 2.jpg 76.8KB
Scans\\Image 3.jpg 95.6KB
Scans\\Image 4.jpg 148.1KB
Scans\\Image 5.jpg 73.9KB

Package Files:
Yoko Kanno - Space Bio Charge.part1.rar = 2012-02-21_1804587940.part1.rar
Yoko Kanno - Space Bio Charge.part2.rar = 2012-02-21_1804587940.part2.rar

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