Music | By hiroko | 2011-11-19 13:20

The First Run\01 - BAD COMMUNICATION -ULTRA Pleasure Style-.flac 51.5MB
The First Run\02 - BE THERE.flac 32.4MB
The First Run\03 - Easy Come, Easy Go!.flac 36.5MB
The First Run\04 - LADY NAVIGATION.flac 34.7MB
The First Run\05 - ALONE.flac 43.1MB
The First Run\06 - ZERO.flac 38.8MB
The First Run\07 - Itsuka no MERRY CHRISTMAS.flac 38.3MB
The First Run\08 - Ai No Mama Ni, Wagamama Ni, Boku Wa Kimi Dake Wo Kizutsukenai.flac 29.9MB
The First Run\09 - Hadashi no Megami.flac 34.1MB
The First Run\10 - Negai.flac 27.4MB
The First Run\11 - Love me, I love you.flac 26.9MB
The First Run\12 - LOVE PHANTOM.flac 34.1MB
The First Run\13 - Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One~.flac 37.9MB
The First Run\14 - Calling.flac 42.9MB
The First Run\15 - Samayoeru Aoi Dangan.flac 30.5MB
The First Run\B'z - B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure.log 6.3KB
The First Run\B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure.cue 2.5KB
The Second Run\01 - HOME.flac 32.5MB
The Second Run\02 - Giri Giri chop.flac 30.4MB
The Second Run\03 - Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni.flac 30.5MB
The Second Run\04 - juice.flac 30.4MB
The Second Run\05 - ultra soul.flac 26.0MB
The Second Run\06 - Atsuki Kodou no Hate.flac 31.1MB
The Second Run\07 - IT'S SHOWTIME!!.flac 31.5MB
The Second Run\08 - BANZAI.flac 29.4MB
The Second Run\09 - Ai no Bakudan.flac 33.7MB
The Second Run\10 - OCEAN.flac 37.6MB
The Second Run\11 - Shoudou.flac 25.7MB
The Second Run\12 - SPLASH!.flac 27.8MB
The Second Run\13 - Eien no Tsubasa.flac 35.9MB
The Second Run\14 - SUPER LOVE SONG.flac 30.5MB
The Second Run\15 - Pleasure 2008 ~Jinsei no Kairaku~.flac 33.7MB
The Second Run\B'z - B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure.log 6.2KB
The Second Run\B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure.cue 2.3KB

B'z - B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure (FLAC).part1.rar = 2011-11-18_-1352445786.part1.rar
B'z - B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure (FLAC).part2.rar = 2011-11-18_-1352445786.part2.rar
B'z - B'z The Best ULTRA Pleasure (FLAC).part3.rar = 2011-11-18_-1352445786.part3.rar


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